LitList “Review Paralysis”

Method "Non-Toxic"

GLAD "0-100"

Planned Parenthood "That Moment"

Glade Candle "Intimate"

Dear Jack "LifeList"


Short Films:

Emojihead, CryptTV -

Missing You (LA Comedy Shorts) -

Dog Days -

I’m Dying with Lacey Block:


Music Videos:

We’re Not Young (Yahoo Studios) -

Meadow Mountain "Radio Waves" (Official Video) -

Andrée Belle "Definition of Insanity" (Official Video) -


Viral Series: 

Highly Evolved Human - (SoulPancake) -

0-100 - (SoulPancake) -

That Moment - (SoulPancake)

Tell A Stranger - (SoulPancake) -

How You See Me - (SoulPancake) -

I Survived - (SoulPancake) -

Let’s Talk About (Refinery29) -

AYA Cancer Awareness Videos (Dear Jack Foundation) -


Scott Hamilton Today (6 Part Series for PeopleTV):

Siaka Project:

I’m Dying with Lacey Block:


BuzzFeed Videos: